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Our Team and Departments

Mainbon Group is driven by a professional team, comprising both Chinese and foreigners, all with a unique understanding of the manufacturing, processing, sourcing and logistics sector in China.

Our management strengths include our technical knowledge, professional management procedures and transparency.
Together, the members of the Mainbon Group management team account for years of experience in the sourcing and supply areas.

The resulting performance has helped develop strong relations with our business partners and customers.


Business Development
Elaborates manufacturing, processing, sourcing and logistics plans.
This team is lead by our General Manager Mr. Clyde Chen. Most team
members has more than 10 years experience in management, finance,
HR, admin & sourcing field as a position of manager
in multi-national companies.

Manufacturing & Processing Department  

Manufacturing & Processing Department
Our Manufacturing and Processing Department will follow up in
manufacturing and processing.

Sourcing Department  

Sourcing Department
Our Sourcing Department is experience in trading & sourcing.

Technical Support Group  

Technical Support Group
Our Tech-support group works in close coordination with the other
departments has strong experience in tech-support.

Quality Control  

Quality Control Group
QC Team conducts in-process and final product inspections to ensure
that each product/component meets your exact specifications. Inspection
procedure is sometimes jointly created by the customer and Mainbon to
ensure satisfaction.

Operations & Logistics  

Operations & Logistics
Our operation team provides the whole operations process from purchase
to delivery and customer service. It is responsible for on-time deliveries
to different cities all of the world, as well as answering to customer
requests throughout our different branch office.

Business Consulting  

Business Consulting
According to the different demands of our customers in each area, our
professional consultant team can provide them very reliable industry
solutions with their unique products. It is always ready to welcome
the chances to serve you.

Transactions & Legal  

Transactions & Legal
This team helps in the negotiation of contracts with different final
clients and distribution channels, as well as in the strategic planning
and execution of specific partnerships for processing, distribution or
logistics. For this purpose our team works with the most experienced firms.

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