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Some of the Questions you should be able to answer

Product intelligence, industrial intelligence and quality control are what differentiate Mainbon Group as a leading business platform.

Our projects are subject to on-site product inspections and product testing. We have our own trained inspectors and when appropriate subcontract especial experts for specific projects.

In order to successfully develop a business in China there are many questions you should be able to answer. The following are only few of them:

  • How to find and define the proper supplier for my project?

  • How many layers of producers operate in my area of business?

  • Is it important to understand the manufacturing operation of a supplier?

  • How to assess each manufacturer from an operative and legal perspective?

  • How to make a "component study" of a product?

  • How to implement the proper quality control system for a certain product?

  • How to select the proper people or service provider in regard to quality control?

  • What deliverables should I expect from a service provider?

  • How to properly manage the logistic operation of my project?

  • How to manage the documents and payments in connection with my project?

  • Is it relevant to have legal agreements in place?

  • How important is to protect your trademarks in China?

  • How can I protect or keep my suppliers confidential?

  • How does the export procedure operate in China?

  • What taxes apply to an export operation and what benefits can be eventually accessed?


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